Care Home in Thousand Oaks, CA

Empowering Wellness & Enriching Lives

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Balanced Living Boarding and Care

Our top priority is the holistic well-being of every resident in our care. With our exclusive 24/7 on-call concierge doctor and licensed nurse, residents have access to unparalleled support.

We perform a holistic and thorough assessment of our client’s condition with their physician and tailor a comprehensive plan to enable our residents to live to their fullest potential.  We foster mental stimulation and cognitive function through brain and mental exercises designed to maintain and improve the memory and attention span of our residents.

We offer daily activities and social engagements tailored to each client’s abilities and needs to give them the physical and spiritual confidence to thrive. We routinely evaluate and adjust our care when a change is necessary to encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle through activities, such as:

  • yoga
  • gardening
  • game nights
  • painting nights
  • computer classes
  • educational workshops
  • cooking classes
  • movie nights
  • crafting sessions
  • book club
  • stargazing
  • and much more
retirement communities in thousand oaks ca